What we can do for you?

About us

BossCV is your all-in-one resume builder for anyone looking, not only, to stand out amongst the rest but to impress the right people. 

At BossCV we aim to create the best designer CVs for our clients and to help them get noticed to give them the advantage in the race for ‘that’ position.

Your Success = Our Success

Did you know that recruiters only take 5-7 seconds to scan your CV? In a highly competitive job market, standing out matters! Thousands of people apply for jobs using their CV every day. Whether you are a student, trade, professional, manager or an executive, your CV tells a story about your skills, expertise, talents and passions. Make sure it tells a good story.

With the introduction of digital recruitment, individuals are finding it difficult to land interviews as their CV’s are not formatted correctly. By empowering people to strive for their career aspirations, BossCV provides professional CV writing services in the correct format, giving candidate’s the edge they need to stand out

Our Mission

Empower clients to ‘Get Noticed’ with the use of our products and services.

When a position is made available, most applicants do not make it past the application phase because their CV does not inspire confidence in the potential employer. Aka, they don’t even get noticed. We aim to get our clients to get noticed, past the application phase and into an interview with the help of our Pro-CV and Pro-CV Premium packages


Our Vision

We aim to provide our clients with the chance to apply for jobs confidently through the products and services we provide.

  1. Deliver service excellence – Provide value-added services with a touch of finesse.
  2. Inspire confidence – Provide products and services that instill confidence in our clients
  3. Co-create courageously – Deliver personalised services and innovative solutions together with a shared vision.
  4. Act with integrity – Prioritise the candidate’s best interest as an utmost priority.
  5. Be transparent – Educate candidates and provide ongoing assistance.